In the United States, ordinary citizens can own firearms. But in Taiwan, only military personnel and police officers are allowed to possess firearms and weapons.

Since the invention of the barrel, there has been no truly quick or effective solution to rust or barrel pitting. “Pitting” is the result of corrosion marks formed by rust left in uncleaned barrels. Soldiers are instead often killed or injured by bore premature at the range or in action, resulting in serious damage to national security, military readiness, and property. Commanders still have not come up with an effective solution and continue to place the blame on poor maintenance or insufficient cleaning by their men. There is also no truly effective cleaning method that attacks the cause of the problem.

The standard method for bore cleaning involves running a cotton cloth and gun cleaning oil repeatedly through the bore. The process often takes 2 to 4 hours (including breaks). There is however still no method to quickly and effectively clean rust in the rifling. fouling from rust builds up until it prevents bullets from passing through the barrel. The reduction in bore diameter leads to blockages and burst barrels. Oxidization in the chamber can also lead to jams and extraction failure. In serious cases, the breech may not close properly causing a misfire or breech explosion. If barrel pitting is particular severe, the rifling may be interrupted leading to a squib round (round stuck in the barrel), impaired ballistics and accuracy, or a bore premature (burst barrel). All of these represent a serious risk to the shooter.

The Disposable Rust Pitting Cleaner for Firearms and Naval Guns developed by our Company is the product of more than thirty years of experience with weapon failures and empirical testing. It provides a fast and convenient method for cleaning barrels and firearm accessories without long waiting times. If rust in the barrel is left uncleaned it leads to corrosion and pitting that puts the weapon out of commission. Our product removes normal rust from firearms and their

bores in just 5 to 10 minutes.